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Who we are

Talk Time was opened by Teagan Pease in 2014 with the goal of making quality speech pathology services more accessible to children on the south side of Cairns.


Our goal is to help your child realise their potential, and working with you as a team to help them achieve the best they can be. We use Evidence Based Practice and are all registered to the highest level with Speech Pathology Australia (Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist) so you know there's quality research behind what we do.


Our services are fun, and loved by children!


Speech pathologists support children in many ways!

  • Speech: Also known as 'pronunciation' or 'articulation.' Some children have difficulties with their speech, and this can make it hard to understand what they are saying. 


  • Language: Some children have difficulties with their receptive language (comprehension and understanding) or expressive language (speaking, generating sentences). Language difficulties in children usually aren't as obvious as speech difficulties in children, so they can be easily missed. 


  • Social Skills: Some children have difficulties with their social skills (also known as pragmatics). This can impact their friendships and relationships.

  • Stuttering: Stuttering in children can have long term effects if not treated

  • Literacy: Literacy refers to our ability to read and write. We find out why literacy is difficult for your child and address the skills that are lacking.


**Whilst we are no longer NDIS registered, we can still support participants who are self or plan managed!

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