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Teagan Pease (Director) is the founder and director of Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology in Cairns. She has a passion for helping children to be their best, and supporting famillies to foster their child's development. 


Where are you from? I grew up in Edmonton, Cairns before moving to Townsville to study at James Cook University. My husband and I then worked in Brisbane for a number of years, before moving back to Cairns.


Why did you become a speech pathologist? I realised early on that I enjoy helping people, and I particularly enjoy working and spending time with children. Speech pathology allows me to work one on one with children and their families, to make positive changes. Working in private practice gives us the freedom to work on the areas that are most important to each child and family. I find my role incredibly rewarding, and look forward to the rewards and challenges that each day brings!


​Best part about your job? I love seeing changes and progress in the children, knowing these changes will have invaluable effects on the rest of their lives. Their smiles and confidence when they achieve goals motivates me to keep it fun and fresh for the kids. I also have a very strong inner child in me that genuinely loves connecting with each child one on one.


What did you do before Talk Time? I worked in a private Brisbane-based speech pathology clinic providing services to children and adolescents from 18 months to 22 years of age. I had the wonderful experience of working alongside occupational therapists, so we could work together to help our clients.

How do you spend your spare time? I enjoy getting out and about with my young husband and two little boys as much as possible. We enjoy exploring, camping, swimming and lots of backyard play.

Kim Berman-Hardman

Kim has joined Talk Time recently after working in hospitals for almost 20 years. She is passionate about working in paediatrics and has spent the last 15 years specialising in working with babies and children with feeding and eating difficulties.  

Where are you from? I grew up in a small town in country Victoria called Sale.  I decided in grade 5 that I wanted to be a speech pathologist and this meant at 18 I had to move to Melbourne.  There was only one university in Victoria offering the course in those days!  I lived in Melbourne for around 10 years and then moved to Ballarat.  The 10 years I spent there were amazing – I was back in country life.  We moved to Cairns 2 years ago for my husband’s work.  I really love it here and think we will be staying a very long time. The weather here is much better than it is in Ballarat!


Why did you become a speech pathologist? I was always interested in drama as a child and I took classes and exams in speech and drama.  My Mum worked in a hospital and had an office next door to a speech pathologist.  She suggested that I think about this as a career when I was about 11 years old.  In year 8 I did work experience at our local hospital and that was it – I fell in love with speech pathology and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Lucky for me I have been able to pursue my passion in helping people with their communication and eating and have been able to make it my life’s work!


Best part about your job? The best part of my job would have to be helping babies and children achieve safe and comfortable feeding and eating.  I love helping parents through difficult times with their babies and relieve the stress and anxiety that these problems can bring.  With older children we use play to help them learn new feeding skills and overcome their fears about eating.  I get to play lots of fun games and eat lots of morning and afternoon teas!!  The smiles on the littles one’s faces is what brings me back everyday.


What did you do before Talk Time? I have worked in several public hospitals in Victoria and here in Cairns too. I loved my work in the public health system but I was looking for a new challenge.  The health and disability landscape is changing and I am hoping that I will be able to offer my expertise to babies and children in Cairns that need early childhood intervention and NDIS assistance.

How do you spend your spare time? My spare time is spent with my husband, 3 children and our dog.  We love going out for walks, swims,to the moveis and also eating out.  I also have an incurable shopping habit! 


Sue Popp

Where are you from? I grew up in Mount Isa and I have been in Cairns for about 30 years. 


What did you do before Talk Time? For the last 10 years I worked in Customer Service for a windows and doors company. Before this I was self employed or owned small businesses for many, many years.

What's the best part about being on the Talk Time team? I have learnt a lot about children's communication development and have a better appreciation of the struggles that some children and families go through. I'm glad I can support families in accessing services, and supporting the therapists so they can focus more on the children. I also love that it's a local, family owned business.

How do you spend your spare time?  I love spending time with my family (my grandkids in particular) and camping whenever we get a chance. I spend my weekends cooking, with family or relaxing.

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