At Talk Time, we endeavor to provide affordable, high quality speech pathology services.

Funding Sources

Funding packages



Helping Children with Autism

Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology are proud to offer eligible services through Helping Children with Autism packages. If your child has a diagnosis of Austism (ASD), Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) or Asperger's,  ask us about accessing services with funding.


Better Start

Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology are proud to offer eligible services through the Better Start Initiative. If your child has been assessed as eligible to access Better Start, contact us to find out how we can help.


Medicare Items

Eligible children can access Medicare sessions (diagnosis not required). Families can receive rebates of up to $53 per session, for five sessions each year. Children who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander can also receive an additional 5 Medicare sessions.

Contact us to find out how!

Clinic Services

Come and visit us in our clinic!




Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology can complete comprehensive assessments with your child to identify their strength and weaknesses. The comprehensive assessment includes a detailed report that explains the results, implications and provides suggestions. Informal assessments to check progress, and inform therapy goals are also available.

We will assess the areas that are relevent to the child and family.


Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are available as 30 minute, 45 

60 minute sesssions. Your speech pathologist can assist in determining which is most appropriate for you and your child.


Contact us today to find out how we can best support your child.


Off-site visits

​We can come to school, kindy or home!


We can provide services in your child's school, kindy or home. This can free up your busy days wtih the multiple commitments families and children have. 


The speech pathologist will update you each session with the activities, your child's progress and suggestions and resources for home practice. 


The travel cost will be determined by Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology, who will take into consideration other services in the same area. Where possible, we try to reduce the travel cost by suggesting session times when the speech pathologist will already be in the area.


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