FAQs and What to Expect

Below are some questions that we are frequently asked when families enquire about accessing speech pathology services for their children. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is a Speech Pathologist?

•A speech pathologist is a health professional who has obtained their Bachelor of Speech Pathology through a University. They are usually (but not required) registered with a number of professional organisations, such as Speech Pathology Australia and Medicare. At Talk Time, our therapists are required to maintain the highest level of membership, by participating in additional research and ongoing study throughout their careers.

•Speech therapy targets many different areas such as pronunciation, comprehension, social skills, constructing sentences, stuttering, feeding and literacy skills!


What can I expect when I book an appointment?

•Sessions will usually occur weekly, as research and experience shows this is a key factor in producing the best outcomes.

•After your first session a regular booking will be made for the same day and time each week. This booking will be ongoing in our systems unless you advise us otherwise.

•When you book in, you will be set up to receive automatic appointment reminders.

•During appointments, parents are expected to be involved, as it's important to understand the tasks so that home practice can be completed effectively.

•Session fees cover the duration of the appointment in addition to planning, preparation and provision of materials and liasion with other health professions and educators.

Why is an assessment needed?

•Having recent information on your child's skills is crucial to ensuring therapy is as effective as possible. Assessments can be brief or comprehensive, and tailored to suit your budget.

•Assessments take longer, and cost more than therapy sessions. This is because we need additional time to gather information, score and prepare reports. In addition, assessment materials come at a cost to use each time.

•If you choose to book an appointment that includes a report or summary, you can expect to receive a printed and digital copy of this within 2 weeks of your first appointment.

How long will therapy take?

•The length of therapy will depend on a number of factors, including the child's needs, learning capacity, home practice and their current skills. It's very difficult to provide an indication on how long it will take before your child will be finished.

Are we just playing?

•Absolutely not! Research regularly shows that children learn through hands on, fun and functional activities. We know they need to be engaged, feel confident and happy to maximise their learning capacity. Therapy is based around your child's interests, and we do our best to keep therapy fun and engaging for maximum results.

•When children walk out feeling like they've come to play, you can be assured they're more than happy to come back! Most of our children love coming to therapy, and that's important for getting success.

•Children's learning is enhanced by enjoyment. Even adults will learn far more about something they are interested in, than something they don't care about. So we make the child interested in their learning! 

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