'Language' refers to the words we use when we communicate. It includes the ability to understand language (e.g. following instructions and comprehension) and the ability to use language (e.g. talking to others).


‘Language’ is generally divided into receptive and expressive language.


Receptive Language is understanding what other people have said. That is, understanding or comprehending what other people are saying to them. Receptive Language plays a large role in our every day lives. From understanding instructions, understanding what is happening around us, understanding stories and narratives, and understanding conversations with our peers.


Expressive Language is our ability to use language effectively. So, speaking! This includes our ability to put together sentences, tell stories, use correct grammar (e.g. pronouns, plurals and past tense) and getting our message across effectively.


We can assess and provide treatment for all types and severities of language difficulties. If you are unsure whether you need to be concerned, contact us today and we can talk you through the process, and answer your questions about your child's language development.


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