'Literacy' refers to the skills involved in reading and spelling. This includes:


  • Phonological Awareness skills, such as syllables, rhyme, breaking words into sounds, letter to sound knowledge, and many, many, more. These are the foundation skills, and are essential for reading and spelling.

  • Reading, including decoding unfamiliar words, drawing meaning from the text (comprehension) and reading fluency.

  • Spelling, including hearing all of the sounds in words, identifying the correct letters and proofreading and editing. 

Many children experience difficulties with their early literacy and phonological awareness skills in Prep and the early years of schooling. Speech pathologists have specialist knowledge in assessing and treating the underlying skills that are required for literacy success. 


​Today's society is an incredibly literacy rich environment, with not only early schooling and learning requirements, but social media, internet and employment requiring established literacy skills for participation success. 


*Children who experience speech or language difficulties, or have histories of ear infections have a very high risk of experiencing literacy and phonological awareness difficulties. Early identification and treatment can increase the efficiency of their learning and minimise further difficulties in their school years.


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