• Teagan Pease

Christmas gifts for kids

Make your gifts count this year. Choose gifts abundant with experiences and meaning rather than lights and sounds.

We know about the importance of play, unstructured play and minimising screen time. But we know not all children (and parents) want to do sticky craft activities all day.

When you're thinking about gifts for your children this year, think about the following:

- Can this item be used in many different ways?

- Does this item require movement and control by the child (that is, the child plays with or uses the item, rather than just pressing a button and the toy does the rest)

- Does this item require imagination or problem solving?

- Can I turn it 'off'? Some great toys come with flashing lights etc., but consider if your child will still play with it if the electronics don't work. This is for two reasons, if they can't use it without the electronics working, then it's not an ideal toy. Secondly, you don't want to be replacing batteries forever!

Think anything that your child can grow, build, pretend or experience. Here's some ideas:

- Experience gifts (yearly passes to the aquarium, dome, water park, jump mania)

- Gardening tools, gloves and don't forget some seeds to plant!

- Magna Doodle drawing boards (with shapes and stamps)

- Play Doh (play doh tools increase the fun too)

- Train sets (don't forget the track)

- Any pretend play toy (washing machine, vacuum, lawn mower, tools, kitchen items, dolls, doll clothes, fire engines)

- Dress up items (masks make a quick and cheap 'outfit'). Is there anything in your wardrobe you can donate to a 'dress up box'? Old bags, shoes, belts, hats.

- Books. You can never have too many books!

And last but not least, the box they come in.

- Teagan Pease, Director and Speech Pathologist, Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology

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