• Teagan Pease

First 12 months

Hooray! You have made it this far.

If it's been tough, we'll tell you it gets easier (maybe, not really, no!).

What can we expect from a 12 month old in regards to communication? A lot, actually.

Communication comes in many forms. Using words is only one small part of how we all communicate on a daily basis. We also use gesture, facial expressions, body language, sound effects (sigh!), and changing our voice to communicate our messages. Without that, we'd all sound like robots.

Communication starts with crying (yes, they're telling you something). Unfortunately it isn't the most efficient as they don't tell us what they need.

However this shapes into coos and eventually babbling.

We have a whole post on babbling here and it's definitely worth a read if you're little one is anywhere between 0 and 18 months!

I had a chat with Bree at PakMag a little while ago which may be more entertaining than reading. I also talked about how you can encourage your little ones in a supportive and gentle way to develop their communication skills.

Some children have their first true words at 12 months, some are a a month or two later. When we consider whether or not to be concerned, we look at all of the other communication skills in addition to talking.

Generally, if your child is labelling their toys at 12 months, we won't be concerned. But if your child isn't attempting to communicate through babble, gesture, sound or following your point, then we might want a little chat!


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