• Teagan Pease

"His Father didn't talk until he was 3!"

As speech pathologists, we hear many reasons from parents why their child isn't talking, or isn't meeting communication milestones. One of the common ones is to mention someone else who was slow to start, or not meeting the milestones, and state that they are fine now.

When it's a parent, or direct relative, this means the child has a family history of communication delays. We do know that family history plays a part in children's development, and this includes their talking and listening.

We also know, that when there is a family history, this means the child is less likely to grow out of it! Even if their father/aunt/uncle did grow out of it on their own.

Acknowledging your child's difficulties means we can start getting them the support and help that they need. The longer we put it off, the longer they will struggle, and the more they will have to catch up on.

So do yourself and your child a favour. If you think your child is showing some communication delays, or it has been suggested you contact a speech pathologist, give us a call today to get the ball rolling!

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