• Teagan Pease

Holiday Boredom Busters

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

School's out, and the kids are out of routine. Some families find it challenging to keep everyone happy and entertained. In NQ, this also often means it's wet outside!

Here's some ideas to make the most of the weather and school holidays.

- Build a cubby house. Use the cushions on your couch, a fitted sheet over some chairs or a sheet over a table. Have the kids involved in the building, and encourage them to help you problem solve (it will fall down at some point, so make the most of it!). Turn the lights off and take a torch in if it's dark enough.

- Play hide and seek. You could also hide the kids' toys for them to find, and talk about their hiding spots (in, behind, under). Talk about whether it's a good hiding spot or not (difficult, tricky, complicated, easy, simple). Use a timer to see how many they can find in 60 seconds if you need to motivate them.

- Make and decorate some cookies! If your child isn't likely to last the whole making cookie dough process, take a short cut and purchase a packet or cookie dough, so you can spend more time decorating. You can talk about sprinkles, faces, spots, dots, stripes, colours, too much, not enough, etc!

- Search on Pinterest for toilet roll crafts. There's hundreds of easy ones! Try cutting strips into your roll and using it as a paint brush for different effects

- Do some painting using items from the garden or around the house as brushes. Look at the different effects it makes (old toothbrush, sponge, old shoe, leaf, stick, etc).

- Embrace the weather and do some mud painting! There's plenty around, if you've got a bucket fill it with mud and paint the fence. It'll wash off!

- Find some muddy puddles. "We're going on a puddle hunt..." can be your inspiration.

- Play dress ups with clothes and items from Mum and Dad's cupboard- they'll love it!



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