‘Speech’ refers to the sounds that we produce when we are talking, or the way we pronounce our words. Some children and adults have difficulties using the right sounds, and this can make communicating difficult.


Children go through a typical development pattern with their speech sounds. Often, children require support to correct speech sound errors which are no longer age appropriate, or not part of the typical development pattern.


Your Talk Time speech pathologist can determine which sound errors your child is likely to 'grow out of', and which ones your child is unlikely to. Because speech is a motor pattern (like riding a bike), the earlier the intervention, the easier, and more cost efficient it is to correct errors. 


If you are unsure whether you need to be concerned, contact us today and we can talk you through the process, and answer your questions about your child's speech development.


For more information on the expectations of your child's speech development by age, click here. (Speech Pathology Australia).

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