'Stuttering' refers to a breakdown in the fluency of our speech. Stuttering can make the person's speech seem bumpy, hesitant, repetitious, or halted.


Some young children go through a developmental phase where they seem to have some stuttering or dysfluency, as their language rapidly develops. For example, your toddler might say "where where where where is mummy?"


Some children will 'grow out of it.' However some children will continue to experience stuttering throughout childhood, which may continue into adulthood if left untreated. Stuttering can have significant impacts on childrens' and adults' emotional and physical well-being. Talk Time speech pathologists are trained to identify whether or not your child's dysfluency is considered stuttering, provide suggestions and intervention, if it is warranted. 


Stuttering treatment is most effective when treated early, before it becomes an established motor pattern. If you are concerned, please contact us at Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology, and we can answer your questions and provide guidance about whether or not you should be concerned.

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