Who do we work with? At Talk Time Speech and Language Pathology we work with a range of children, from 2 years until teen years. We support children with their speech, language, social skills, fluency and literacy. 


  • Speech: Also known as 'pronunciation' or 'articulation.' This refers to the way that we say sounds. Some children have difficulties with their speech, and this can make it hard to understand what they are saying. 


  • Language: This refers to our ability to understand language. This is generally categorised into Receptive Language (comprehension and understanding) and Expressive language (speaking, generating sentences). Language difficulties in children usually aren't as obvious as speech difficulties in children, so they can be easily missed. If you are unsure about your child's language skills, it is best to get a speech pathologists' opionion. 


  • Social Skills: Also known as 'pragmatics.' This refers to a large range of skills that we use everyday to participate in, and understand social communication, such as greetings, humour and participating in conversations. 

  • Stuttering: Also known as 'stammering' or 'dysfluency.' This refers to the fluency of someone's talking.

  • Literacy: Literacy refers to our ability to read and write. Children begin developing their early literacy skills as young as three years of age, when they are tuning in to the sounds in words. 

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